Sunday, 25 July 2010


A guy i tattooed from home last year wanted to have is tattoo touched up, so i said come down pic a tattoo out the walk in tattoo flash books and i can touch your old tattoo up at the end! he picked this rad design, i really enjoyed doing it.

Owl with blind fold

This owl is based on some art work for RoloTomassi...

Cry Baby

I visited my friends shop True Tattoo on Thursday and tattooed Chris and Ricky there. Ricky wanted a baby head so we did this, the gap below is going to be filled with a bib when he comes up with something cool to put on it!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


tattooed this on my little brother, it comes from a 1980's Don Ed Hardy design! so stoked my brother got it!

Vampires and Bats

I started this tattoo on my friend greg, it is also a cover up of a 10 year old tattoo situated under the vamps hair! cant wait to pump the colour in!

New Skool Tees

Some tees are coming out very soon for New Skool tattoos. The design came from a doodle and has now ended up on a shirt! the pic here is just the blueprint!


So, i did some free tattoos at my friends store Wholesome in shoreditch, for too much posse's 2010 summer range i did about 6 tattoos altogether, it was a pretty hot and hectic night. check out some pics!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Rose with Bombs

Done on the graffiti writer BOMS as homage to his name!


I did this on my good friend Ricky Williams, he tattoos aswell. it was kinda to devert the attention away from the chick with a dick below! hahahahaaha!


Do you remember these from being a kid? i had a couple, they ended up being chewed to pieces by my nans dog, i wasnt too bothered.

Eagle On Pocket Watch

Tattoo on Charlie, the time on the watch was around the time he was born....