Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Red Rose

Tattooed on my friend Kyle from Wholesome!


I will be tattooing at this event! come down!

Sailor Jerry Flash

Dragon head and dagger done from the SJ book! just changed the handle on the dagger to make it look less like a tophat!

Wolf and cresent moon

2 hours on a skinny girls arm!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Skull and Bird

I had total freedom to do what ever on my good friend Kyles arm!


I did this on my good friend Kel, he has a thing for apes. He wishes he could be naked in a giant gorillas mouth.

All seeing eye shape

The guy i tattooed this on said the shape was a scientific shape for pure energy or something it was his idea to add an eye in the middle triangle!

Tudor Rose Elbow

Mike sat for this like a champ! i was impressed!

Shark on foot

after i tattooed the shark, Russ asked me to tattoo Sorry Mum across his toes with a heart and a kiss. He apologised to her for getting a tattoo with another tattoo!

Light House and a brewing storm

My friend Louis asked for a light house scene with clouds waves and a storm, he specifically asked for it not to be framed. I like the way it wraps.

Angry Gorilla



These roses are above my friend Mike's Knees he loves a good session!

Blue Skull

This skull is loosely based on a mexican sugar skull, i made it less busy and more bold!

Peacock on foot

The girl i did this on orignally wanted a phoenix but i showed her peacocks can be just as cool!

Dead Horse

i did this tattoo on Tom Sykes. I've heard it was to do with his nick name tomatoe sauce, aussie cockney rhyming slang is dead horse. The design fitted perfectly in the space he wanted to fill.

Pissed Off Shark

did this rad shark a few months back on my mate stewart.