Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Did this cheeky pin up for the old guy mick, he chose it straight out the book which was cool, i just re drew it more old school pin up style and added colour. Next week were doing a skeleton on a chopper!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Old Boy

I tattooed this on a 68 year old man, it was his second tattoo ever, he got it the day after he got his first. He decided to get tattooed as he is now retired. I have a feeling he will be a good customer.

Friday, 26 March 2010


me and my work has been dropped on 2 blogs check them out



Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hangin on the telephone

Old school telephone and flowers on my friend Lucy J.


OWL on type writer

done on my friend sam

Thursday, 18 March 2010


My mate Ricky Williams from FMT sent me a painting with a gap in the middle, i saw he had a snakes body ripping through the page s i decided to paint a cobras head ripping out to fill the gap! Shit i need to send it back!


The start of a nautical themed sleeve on my friend Sammie....

Demon Child

Started painting this to show my friend Steve a thing or two about watercolour and ink i hope it inspired him :)


a medley of snake rose banner and cloud, For The Win..... Yes?


I tattooed this on a kid, whos brother had recently died from a drug overdose. I hope this helps him in someway. RIP

Old school dragon

i painted this for my mentor and friend Ian Flower, i hope he likes it.

Calavera Catrina

This was very fun to do...

Emo Vibes

My friend Russ and his moody dagger....


I tattooed this fella on a girl called Sam. Shes does vocals for a cool band called Battle Of Wolf 359. She asked for a mexican bandito and the words which translate to "everybody dances or nobody dances" its some communist phrase. I like the way it turned out.

Eagle on branch and flowers

A leaving gift to one of my very good friends. He has gone to the land down under for a year with his girl friend.


Yet again i covered i a shitty tattoo i had done a few years back! the tattoo underneath was a sketchy line drawing of a asian ladys head. it wasnt good. the only thing that could be done was something large and black.... Cue Panther



I did this tattoo on an out of work brickie. He wanted something to cover up his ex wifes name. Originally i suggested a rose something small to cover it but he wanted something a bit more manly and asked for a panther. I had to draw it in an odd posistion to cover the name and still fit in his kids names which are underneath the panther.
I did this tattoo on my friend Mike. it was a cover up of a piece of shit tattoo i did on him drunk in bournemouth a few years back. He was stoked with it. His mum wasnt. She called me the anti christ....

Ship No Colour

Done on my friend Jason. He likes to travel....


My friends Enri and Max wanted a Bro Tat as they dont see each other so much these days as Max plays guitar for You Me At Six and is on tour alot. fags.... :)


On my friend Jon Thorne, from All Forgotten...


Printed a batch of these Cards for the Vienna Tattoo Convention i worked at in November. it was a cool Convention, we got free Goulash, drank beers and made a few nice tattoos. I went there with my friends Snappy and Demian (kings cross tattoo parlour). The Austrian folk havent quite got a grip on decent tattooing yet and traditional and old school tattooing is pretty alien to them.

Wow Owl

Did this on my brothers girl, it made her cry.

Lady head with winged hat SUMMER 09

did this on my friend Erin last year. She paid £5 for it....